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Download What Is A Loft Gif. Loft , in architecture, is the upper space within a building. They're also perfect for urban dwellers looking to escape small, studio apartments.

Loft Apartment Defined Mymove
Loft Apartment Defined Mymove from

Bought a loft in manhattan.5 for birdsdlh a set of cages used to keep pigeons in 6 in a churchtbb the raised place in a church where the organ or choir isexamples from the corpusloft• the part of the barn sited on top of. • loft (noun) the noun loft has 4 senses: Haughty.—lofted house (scot.), a house of more than one story.—cock of the loft, the head or chief of a set.

Unlike a studio, loft apartments usually have.

Think of it as a very big studio apartment. Loft synonyms, loft pronunciation, loft translation, english dictionary definition of loft. Pros and cons of renting a loft. Technically, a loft can be the topmost story (such as an attic) in a building, directly under the roof.

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